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LM series
LM-S(SBS)Asphalt Modifier LM-K Anti-Rutting Agent LM-N High Viscosity Asphalt LM-Z Damping Materials LM-DX Lignin Fiber LM-DJ Solvent-Based Binder LM-DB1 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DB2 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DW1 Tepid Mixing Agent LM-DW2 Tepid Mixing Agent

LM-DB2 Anti-Stripping Agent (Liquid) 

1 Product Overview

    The LM-DB2 type asphalt anti-stripping agent is a “new type of non-amine” asphalt anti-stripping agent, adopting advanced technology. It is an organic high polymer active compound, which applies to both acidic and alkaline stones, and is every effective in improving the adhesion between asphalt and acidic stone with high acidity, high silicon dioxide content , such as basaltandesite, granite etc.. The product applies to asphalt, high polymer modified asphalt, SBS modified asphalt to improve the water damage resistance of asphalt pavement.

2 Reference Mix Amount

    Its mix amount is 0.2%-0.5% (of hot asphalt consumption). This mix proportion applies to that of heavy traffic petroleum asphalt with acidic aggregates, such as basalt or granite. If modified asphalt is used, the mix proportion can be even less.

The packaging of asphalt anti-stripping agent is 200 kg barrels. It should be stored in a shady and cool place with good ventilation, and avoid sunshine. The product should be stored in a shady and cool place with good ventilation. Sunshine should be avoided. Pay attention that it should not enter into eyes, should not touch skins. In case of accident, please rinse with flowing water.

3 The Main Technical Index




Brown Sticky Liquid

Specific Gravity


Failure Temperature (℃)



Safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic


The adhesion between asphalt and acidic stone (Basalt etc.) can be improved from level 1-3 to level 4-5.

Immersion Marshal Residual Stability (%)


Freeze-Thaw Splitting Strength (%)


 Product Performance

 Non-amine active agent

4.Application Method

    (1) The mix amount is 0.2%-0.5% (The proportion of hot asphalt). This is the proportion for heavy traffic petroleum asphalt and acidic stone, such as basalt or granite etc.. In case modified asphalt is applied the mix proportion can be less.

    (2) It can be input directly into hot asphalt, and it can be fully blended through circulation with asphalt pump twice, without the need for blender.