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LM series
LM-S(SBS)Asphalt Modifier LM-K Anti-Rutting Agent LM-N High Viscosity Asphalt LM-Z Damping Materials LM-DX Lignin Fiber LM-DJ Solvent-Based Binder LM-DB1 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DB2 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DW1 Tepid Mixing Agent LM-DW2 Tepid Mixing Agent

LM-N High Viscosity Asphalt Mixture Modifier

1  Product Overview

    We independently developed LM-N high viscosity asphalt modifier, which was specifically designed for drainage asphalt pavement. Its appearance is black particles. It can be directly input into the aggregates blending to produce high viscosity asphalt mixture. The high viscosity asphalt with LM-N is mainly used for drainage asphalt pavement (OFGC), the stress absorbing layer, the waterproof bonding layer for bridge deck pavement, SMA with high viscosity asphalt etc..

2 Reference Mix Amount

    The mix amount for LM-N high viscosity modifier is 10% of SBS modified asphalt consumption.

3 The Feature of LM-N High Viscosity Modifier

    LM-N high viscosity modification mixture is normally applied in Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) pavement. Its VV (volume of air void) is about 20%. It has very good water permeability, high temperature stability, anti-splitting performance and anti-slippery performance. It can be used in water permeable pavement and heavy traffic transportation pavement. It can also be used in cross road pavement.


(1)  Performance Features:

Good high temperature stability –The dynamic stability reaches 7000 and above.

l Strong anti-distortion performance –with good elasticity and shallow ruts.

l The pavement VV reaches 20% - good permeability

(2) The Application Range for Drainage Pavement

l Pavement for heavy traffic transportation roads

l Concrete bridge pavement

l Cross road pavement


4 Product Transportation  

    The LM-N products should avoid sun exposure, keep away from moisture, contamination and scratches during transportation. Keep the outer packing in good condition. In case of complete packaging, transportation with general cargo transportation standard is allowed.


5  Product Storage

    The LM-N products should be stored in a dry, ventilated place. They should avoid ultraviolet irradiation. Stop Kindling. They cannot be stored together with organic solvents. The LM-N products can be stored long-term at room temperature.


6 Product Packaging

    Particles in bags25kg/bag

    International universal valve bags are applied, with strong tear resistance and low broken package rate, reducing storage room.

    Convenient transportationreducing logistics costenergy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

7 LM-T  Application Method in Lab

    The mix proportion design method for asphalt concrete does not change, after mixing LM-N, an identical or partial amount of asphalt can be replaced, which does not change the designed mix proportion for asphalt mixture and its asphalt aggregate ratio.

1. LM-N cannot be directly input into the modified asphalt, it must be blended evenly with the aggregates and then input modified asphalt. Before testing, calculate the required amount of the materials according to the requirement of tested items. Pay attention that an identical or partial amount of asphalt can be replaced with LM-N mixed.

2. Measure the aggregates with different sizes according to calculation. After mixing, heat them to 180-185℃. After the temperature reaches the required value, input the aggregates into the mixing pot, start blending.

3. Input the LM-N, dry blending with the heated aggregates for 90 seconds.

4. Then input the modified asphalt into mix pot, blending for another 90 seconds.

5. Finally, input the mineral powder into mix pot, blending for another 90 seconds.

6. During the whole test process, the blending temperature cannot exceed 185℃.

7. When the mixing completes, input the mixture into the mold and compact. The compaction temperature is 170-180℃.

8. Sample Testing: Test according to JTG E20-2011 The Test Procedure for Highway Engineering Asphalt and Asphalt Mixture. Clients can select test methods according to actual situation.


LM-T Production Method in Blending Tower


(1) LM-N cannot be directly input into the asphalt, it must be input in the mix pot either simultaneously with the aggregates or 1-2 seconds after it, and blend with it evenly, then input modified asphalt. Before production in the blending tower, calculate the required amount of the materials according to the mixture production quantity per pot and its asphalt and aggregates ratio. Pay attention, LM-N can identically or partially replace base asphalt.

(2) After the aggregates are heated, their temperature should be controlled at 175-185℃input them into the mix pot. The LM-N is input into the mix pot either manually or via air conveying machine at the same time with the aggregates or a bit later. If it is input manually, input it through the viewport all at once; in case of air delivery, after calculation via conveyor, it is transmitted into the mix pot via conveying pipe, which is connected with the fiber conveyer mouth.

(3) After inputting the aggregates and LM-N into the mix pot, convey modified asphalt. The temperature is controlled at 155-165℃. Blend all together.

(4) Finally, input mineral powder and blend together.

(5) The addition of LM-N does not change the existing production process, The input order of all ingredients and the mixing time of each section are according to the successful local experience.

(6) The discharging temperature cannot exceed 195℃.