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LM series
LM-S(SBS)Asphalt Modifier LM-K Anti-Rutting Agent LM-N High Viscosity Asphalt LM-Z Damping Materials LM-DX Lignin Fiber LM-DJ Solvent-Based Binder LM-DB1 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DB2 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DW1 Tepid Mixing Agent LM-DW2 Tepid Mixing Agent

LM-DJ Solvent-Based Binder

Product Overview

    The solvent-based binder is the R&D achievement for National Advanced Technology in the 21st Century. It is mono-component liquid material product, compounded with imported raw materials and multiple chemical macromolecule modification materials, which is a new type of special high-tech product, satisfying the requirement for various kinds of large-scale bridge deck waterproof engineering. Currently, various waterproof engineering projects for large-scale bridge decks and roads in every part of the country adopt solvent-based binder.

The solvent-based binder applies to the waterproof engineering projects for bridges in state highway construction, urban overpasses, railway bridges, bridges and culverts etc.

Reference Mix Amount

    For liquid, each coating is about 0.5KG/. A second or a third coating can be conducted according to design requirement. This product should be stored in shade with good ventilation. It should be stored airtight, the net weight is 50 kg/barrel.

The Product Feature

1. Good waterproof performance: the solvent-based waterproof binder can avoid leakage for 2 hours under the hydrostatic pressure of 0.3 Mpa.

2. High Application Temperature: While paving the concrete with solvent-based binder at 140oC, the binder film does not flow.

3. Wide Range of Low Temperature FlexibilityThere is no crack in low temperature flexibility test at -35oC. It is suitable for application in Alpine Region.

4. Strong Cohesiveness: the cohesion between the coating film and the primary level of the bridge deck is greater than 0.3 Mpa, there is no need to paint tack coatbonding oil). At room temperature, the shearing strength between the binder and the asphalt mixture has reached 1.5 Mpa, which effectively avoid the surging and pavement cracking due to the braking of vehicle.

5. Big elongation and good crack resistance: the film elongation can reach 600% and above, the film does not crack even when the primary level dehisces.

6. Excellent Anti-Fatigue Ability: Simulating the action of repeated stress of the bridge deck, the coating does not split after over 2 million times of low frequency fatigue test.

7. Rapid, simple and easy construction process, beneficial to environment protection: the coating application is cold work, and can be done mechanically, there is no harmful gases during the construction.

8. Superior Anti-Aging Performance: In numerous large-scale bridge deck waterproof engineering projects, the main bridges have been used for 10 years, not any leakage, pavement surging or cracking has been found.

9. Construction process is simple, it can be done both mechanically and manually, rapid drying and short construction period.

10. Inexpensive, painting three times can achieve waterproof effect.

Waterproof layer and primary layer, waterproof layer and the asphalt mixture of the commercial building are firmly bonded.