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LM series
LM-S(SBS)Asphalt Modifier LM-K Anti-Rutting Agent LM-N High Viscosity Asphalt LM-Z Damping Materials LM-DX Lignin Fiber LM-DJ Solvent-Based Binder LM-DB1 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DB2 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DW1 Tepid Mixing Agent LM-DW2 Tepid Mixing Agent

LM-DX Lignin Fiber 

1 Product Overview

    Lignin fiber, as the fiber stabilizer of SMA, can improve the performance of asphalt mixture, absorb asphalt and reduce run-off. Lignin fiber is a kind of fiber that is not soluble in water and organic solvent,which possesses excellent flexibility and dispersity. Mixing proper amount of lignin fiber in asphalt mixture, can not only absorb asphalt, but also has the function of reinforcement and stabilization. It can improve the shrinkage resistance and crack resistance of asphalt mixture. It can improve the thixotropy and sag resistance of asphalt mixture, extend open time and has the function of thickening. It has been widely used in key projects, such as highway, city expressway constructions etc..

2 Reference Mix Amount

    The mix proportion for lignin fiber is calculated as the percentage of the total mass of the asphalt mixture. The mix amount is determined through testing according to the type of asphalt mixture. The mix amount of lignin fiber for SMA pavement is suggested to be 0.3% of the asphalt mixture.

Product Packaging: in bags (20kg/bag)flocculent.

3 The Product Specification and Construction Technology 

3.1 The Technical Index

    Lignin fiber carries out and completely satisfies the  industrial standard issued by the Ministry of Transportation, the People’s Republic of China: the quality requirement for lignin fiber stipulated in JT/T533-2004 «The Lignin Fiber for Asphalt Pavement» and The Technical Guide for Highway SMA Pavement.


Tested Items


Fiber Length


Ash Content

18%+5%, no volatiles

PH Value


Oil Absorption Rate

>5 times of the mass of lignin fiber

 Water Content

<5% (Measured in mass)

Inflammable Screen Analysis (0.15mm)


Thermal Resistance

210oC ( can reach 280 oC in short time)

3.2 Construction Technology

    Construction technology: manual feeding can be adopted for batch mixer, the whole bag of fiber can be input together with heated aggregates. Fiber feeder can be used for continuous mixer.