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Beijing Ziruitiancheng Technology Co., Ltd.

LM series
LM-S(SBS)Asphalt Modifier LM-K Anti-Rutting Agent LM-N High Viscosity Asphalt LM-Z Damping Materials LM-DX Lignin Fiber LM-DJ Solvent-Based Binder LM-DB1 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DB2 Anti-Stripping Agent LM-DW1 Tepid Mixing Agent LM-DW2 Tepid Mixing Agent

LM-Z Environmentally-Friendly Damping Materials

Product Overview

    The high performance environmentally-friendly damping material (Referred to as LM-Z) that we independently developed is used for reducing the amplitude of noise and vibration due to external effect or the system itself. This product can be applied widely in aeroplanes, ships, electronics, automobiles, buildings, transportation and other mechanical equipment. It has significant effects in the aspects of damping, vibration attenuation, noise reduction by damping,noise reduction and isolation shock isolation etc. for various kinds of instrument and equipment.


Product Advantage

    In addition to its performance in damping vibration attenuation, damping noise reduction, shock isolation etc., the LM-Z high performance environmentally-friendly damping material distinguishes itself in energy-saving and carbon emission reduction.

1. It can effectively decompose the harmful materials from equipment tail gas.

2. LM-Z is rich in air purifying agent, which can effectively remove the miscellaneous order in confined space.