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Beijing Ziruitiancheng Technology Co., Ltd.

About us

Legal Provisions:

Beijing Ziruitiancheng Science and Technology Corporation Limited possesses the intellectual property right including, but not limited to copyrights of all the contents of our products or services and the information on Ziruitiancheng’s official website issued by itself or co-issued with its cooperative partners. Its right is protected by law. 
      Without a written permission from the company, no unit or individual can use, copy, modify, transcribe, spread, use it bound with other products or sell any portion of the information about our products, service etc. mentioned above in any way, by any reason.
      The legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law to any infringement of property rights including the copyrights etc. of the company,
Instructed by the company, the Department of Legal Affairs of the corporation hereby solemnly issues this legal notice. 

Statement Issuer: The Department of Legal Affairs,
Beijing Ziruitiancheng Science and Technology Corporation Limited