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Beijing Ziruitiancheng Technology Co., Ltd.

About us

The Corporate Culture for Beijing Ziruitiancheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
1、 Corporate Vision: the most respected enterprise of science and technology featured with environment protection.

Satisfy users’ needs through constantly listening. Guide and surpass users’ needs, and win their respect. 
Enable our employees to have great sense of honor and pride, through improving enterprise status and brand image, and win their respect. 
Promote the healthy development of internet industry. Grow together with our partners, and win the respect from the industry. 
Pay attention to corporate responsibility. Care for the society and give back to the society; and win its respect.

2、 Corporate Philosophy 

The industrial wastes today are the premium raw materials tomorrow.

3、 Operation Principles

Emphasize long term development. We do not harm the user value for commercial interests
Focus on and profoundly understand user’s needs, satisfy their demands with our excellent products and services.
Attach importance to emotion communication with our clients. Respect their feelings and we grow together 

4 、Enterprise Spirit

Love our party, love our motherland, love our people, and love our enterprise and love our families.

5、 Commitments to Our Employees

Our employees will have their own vehicles, their own houses in their job tenure, live and work in peace and contentment. After their retirements, our employees can live in the nursing homes built by ourselves, who enjoy a sense of security: elderly will be looked after properly.